Appointment of Director

Appointment of Director services is provided by TaxHills . We have made the Appointment of Director services online, simple and easy for India.

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While appointing a new director for your company, you will need to adhere to a few procedures in accordance to the Government. TaxHills experts will help you with onboarding a new director. You will have a new director with no hassels.

Director Identification Number (DIN) is an 8-digit Unique Identification Number allotted to all existing and new directors. It is a mandatory requirement and without DIN no person can become a director.

Obtaining DIN has been made mandatory as earlier people would incorporate companies such as chit fund and raise money from people and cheat people. Now Ministry keeps DIN database to map all the people who hold director position in any company.

The DIN directory contains all information regarding the directors, such as their name, PAN number and also their present address. Any change in the address or other information needs to be updated immediately.

  • Obtain Digital Signature for new director

  • Obtain DIN for new director

  • Drafting of director appointment letter , Disclosure of interest, Board Resolution

  • Filing of DIR-12