gem- Government e-marketplace and e-procure

Gem- Government E-marketplace Registration online service provided by TaxHills.We have made E-procure Registration services online,simple and easy for India.

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We can get your company registered on the leading Government trading portals – Government e-Market place and e-Procure. We offer Digital Signature to help you in these online transactions. You can also use the services of our catalogue designers to present your product in the most appealing way. Our designers are experienced and skilled enough to guarantee you the best first impression look.

Issuance of Class-3 DSC

Registration on Government e-Marketplace

Registration on e-Procure

First Time catalog creation (10 nos.)

  • Why register on GeM?

    Registering on GeM has many benefits. We have listed the most important ones here:

    1. You get a direct door to supply goods and services to Government departments and officers
    2. Minimum marketing efforts needed
    3. Long waits and manpower to materialize government tenders will be eliminated as you will be directly contacted once you register and display your products
    4. Minimum compliance procedures
    5. Pricing can seasonally or occasionally be changed based on the market conditions with no interferences based on competition.
    6. Stay updated about government requirements and purchase plans
    7. Timely payment
  • How does e-Procure work?

    The Central Public Procurement Portal (e-procure) helps the Central Government Organizations to post their Tender Enquiries, correct and Award Contracts. The primary objective of this portal is to provide a single point access to the information on requirements of various central government organizations.