Estabishment Registration with Employers Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is mandatory if the number of employees exceeds 20 and may be obtained voluntarily if the employee’s number is less than twenty. Our dedicated team will help you to your company with EPFO.

  • Consultation with Payroll Attorney
  • Voluntary or Compulsory PF Registration
  • Allotment of UIN Number for Employees
  • The first month PF return filing

Provident Fund Registration

The registration of an establishment under the provident fund organisation becomes mandatory, the moment total number of employees in the organisation reaches twenty in number. To count the statutory limit of 2o even contract employees are counted apart from the employees employed through a subsidiary company. You should be very careful in determining the eligibility of your organisation for PF Enrollment. The application for the EPFO Coverage should be made within 30 days of reaching the threshold limit of the twenty.

The application for PF Registration is made online with the Digital Signature of one director or the Authorized Signatory of the company. We assist you to ascertain the coverage and applicability of the PF and file application for registration on your behalf to the PF Office, draft all documents and do a followup with the department for issuance of the registration number of the establishment.

Documents Required For PF Registration

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • PAN Card
  • Cancelled Cheque
  • Address proof of establishment
  • Specimen Signature
  • Digital Signature
  • PAN, ID and Address Proof
  • Employee declaration

PF Registration