Professional Tax is a tax imposed by some of the state governments in India on persons earning income from salary or practising professionals such as Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Lawyer, Doctor etc. and from the company, LLP, Directors and Designated Partners.

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Professional Tax Registration

Professionalu00a0tax is just like Income Tax except for the fact that Income Tax is collected by the Central Government and Professional Tax is collected by the State Government. When this tax was first introduced in India, the maximum limit on the tax to be collected was Rs. 250.

Some of the State Governments have represented that the earlier celling of two hundred and fifty rupees which was fixed in 1949, needs to be revised upwards taking into consideration the price rise and other factors. It is also pointed out that the profession tax has, at present, become almost regressive because of the ceiling since even people with high salaries have to pay this tax at only the maximum amount of two hundred and fifty rupees per annum. The upward revision of profession tax hasu00a0helped the State Governments in raising additional resources.

Documents Required For PT Registration For Company /LLP

  1. Certificate of Incorporation, MOA & AOA / LLP Agreement.
  2. PAN card of Company/LLP duly attested by directors of the company
  3. Premises proof of Company and an NOC from the owner of such premises
  4. Bank Account of Company: Cancelled cheque and bank statement.
  5. List of Directors, passport size Photographs of all Directors, Id and address proof.
  6. Board Resolution or consent statement of partners
  7. Attendance Register & Salary Register
profesional tax